Monday, September 13, 2010

220- Belly Fat Cure

Hi Everyone! so I got super tired of dieting and completely unmotivated-- I had been down to 218.5 but have put back on a couple of pounds. Two friends at work have been trying the "Belly Fat Cure" diet by Jorge Cruise. -- they both lost 5 lbs their first week so I thought I would give it a try even though you know how I feel about dieting. I'm hoping I'll lose some weight and this will get me back to being motivated to "finish the job" I'm in a rush this morning to head to work but i wanted to put it out there- I will blog later about my day on the diet and more about what it entails.-- since I'm supposed to lose between 3-9lbs this week and get ride of some bulge I'm going to try and update daily on my progress: today's stats 220lbs 35" waist and my lower bellow (bellow my belly button at it's widest part without being "hips" is 42"

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