Friday, September 17, 2010

217.5 I'm a believer

Since starting my new "fad" diet on Monday I have dropped 2.5lbs-- this is a week by week diet-- so I'm going to do it until next Friday (my schedule is crazy busy next weekend so it's really going to be too difficult to keep it going then) however depending on how I feel that Friday --which honestly is dependent on my total weight loss and my will power at that point-- I might try another week or two. I'm not hungry, I've lost weight, the food is healthy and pretty good the only down/ upside is that I'm not eating enough calories to go and do an intense workout. -- so I'm losing weight with my diet alone. I know that's not the best tactic-- but for a short term gratification it's working :o) I'm a believer!

Happy Friday everyone!

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