Thursday, September 30, 2010

216.5 Test Results

So the deal with the diet is that I went off of it on Friday-- what immediately happened is I went from 215 to 217 and then a high of 218 yesterday. Today I'm down to 216.5. Everyone I work with who is on the diet said that the re-introduction of more carbs causes you to retain water. I'm not 100% that I agree with that assessment but in light of today's weigh in I do feel a little bit better.

I've always preferred to lose weight "The right way" and I lost 70.5lbs doing it that way. I hate the idea of crash diets where the moment you're off of them you gain it all back and then more. I hate the idea of pills where in 10 years you find out it makes you lose your memory or gives you a heart condition. I'm still on the fence about going back on the diet. It's certainly nice to be able to drop about .5 lbs/ day just by eating right- but I don't want to lose 30lbs on it and then gain back 10-- I'm on program where once the weight is gone.. it's gone for good and I feel pretty strongly about that.

Friday, September 24, 2010

215 -The Test

Alright I'm going off the Belly Fat Cure diet today through the weekend. I found out that you really need to space your meals pretty evenly or you don't lose the weight-- that's why I didn't lose last weekend-- because my meals were crazy all over the board.

This weekend I'm going to start eating the things I missed like yogurt and fruits and as aforementioned partake in an apple dumpling ala mode and/ or an apple fritter-- I'm a little concerned that since this diet keeps my insulin level even-- and thus losing weight-- if I go back to eating normal where I'll get a spike in insulin-- that I might just gain everything back. Better to find out now than when I'm down 30lbs and devastated to lose it all back.

I'll let you know how things transpire. Incidentally I didn't post yesterday but I actually weighed 215 yesterday-- yes I dropped 1 lb overnight where I had been losing .5lbs overnight-- BUT everything in the end evens out because I'm not down any lbs today.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

216- That's One Mean Colon!

Well guys, I'm still on the Belly Fat Cure diet. I seemed to hit a plateau on Saturday Sunday and Monday-- but on Tuesday I started to lose weight again-- Both Monday and Tuesday I dropped an additional .5 lbs / day. In retrospect I think this has a lot to do with my hectic schedule on the weekends-- it makes it hard to space your meals/ snacks out evenly and therefore I didn't do a good job on keeping my insulin level the same-- which in turn is why I don't think I saw the same results.

I was a bit upset that on this diet you're supposed to lose between 3-9 lbs a week and I lost the bare minimum @ 3lbs-- I was so strict too! Then I thought back to the fact that no matter what I do it's a struggle to lose weight with my Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome and my slow metabolism.. so the fact that I was able to lose 3lbs from diet alone-- should be celebrated!

One thing I have noticed however is that-- with the lack of fruits and yogurt on this diet I seem to going to the bathroom a lot less-- once every 3 days or so-- and when I do go my intestine/ colon gets so mad.. that sort of cramping burning sensation that lasts for an hour afterward-- I guess it's a small price to pay for the quick weight loss.

I plan to be on the diet for 1 more day and then I'm taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off-- my schedule is way too hectic-- AND I want to partake of an apple fritter and an apple dumpling @ Applefest this weekend in my hometown. Depending on how much willpower I have left.. lol I will probably try to start up again on Monday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

217.5 I'm a believer

Since starting my new "fad" diet on Monday I have dropped 2.5lbs-- this is a week by week diet-- so I'm going to do it until next Friday (my schedule is crazy busy next weekend so it's really going to be too difficult to keep it going then) however depending on how I feel that Friday --which honestly is dependent on my total weight loss and my will power at that point-- I might try another week or two. I'm not hungry, I've lost weight, the food is healthy and pretty good the only down/ upside is that I'm not eating enough calories to go and do an intense workout. -- so I'm losing weight with my diet alone. I know that's not the best tactic-- but for a short term gratification it's working :o) I'm a believer!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

219? progress?

Ok Guys! Day 3 of the diet. I'm down 1 lb since Monday-- the thing is though I weighed 219 about 2 weeks ago.. so now the question is.. did I gain weight and now lose it because of this diet OR did I just drop some water weight? I guess we shall soon find out!

Boy let me tell you.. YESTERDAY was a challenge. This diet is very regimented. He tells you exactly what to eat and how much of it-- SO imagine my agony when I remember it was a girl at work's Birthday-- what this normally means is there will be homemade cake.. well not only was there a homemade cake.. there was also Cinnamon Crunch Bagels from Panera (my favorite!) AND HUGE delicious looking cinnamon muffins with a hint of drizzled icing. That was not at all what I was wanting to face on day 2 of a strict diet! BUT I made it through.. without cheating. I really want to give this a whirl and see if I really can see some results this week. If I feel good about the diet I will try for a second week and then probably take a break from it. I only have so much will power-- but big weight loss numbers is strong motivation for me to stick to it!

How are you guys doing on your weight loss?

Monday, September 13, 2010

220- Belly Fat Cure

Hi Everyone! so I got super tired of dieting and completely unmotivated-- I had been down to 218.5 but have put back on a couple of pounds. Two friends at work have been trying the "Belly Fat Cure" diet by Jorge Cruise. -- they both lost 5 lbs their first week so I thought I would give it a try even though you know how I feel about dieting. I'm hoping I'll lose some weight and this will get me back to being motivated to "finish the job" I'm in a rush this morning to head to work but i wanted to put it out there- I will blog later about my day on the diet and more about what it entails.-- since I'm supposed to lose between 3-9lbs this week and get ride of some bulge I'm going to try and update daily on my progress: today's stats 220lbs 35" waist and my lower bellow (bellow my belly button at it's widest part without being "hips" is 42"