Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Don't Feel Sorry for Fat People 224.5

Time for a slight rant.

Basically the job I have right now.. I'm overworked, overqualified and drastically underpaid. I took the first job I could after getting laid off and it happened to be paying literally half what I was making. My job is basically to read every complaint that comes into our bank-- this includes FED, BBB and general senior management complaints. What has this job taught me? It's taught me to be pretty cynical about everything. Most of all it's really taught me that NO ONE will take responsibility for their own actions.

Case in point. You spend more money than what is in your account-- this is the banks fault-- the reasoning is "online information is not as up to date" -- (among many other complaints) this makes the bank "greedy" and "predatory" when you are charged a fee-- and since we were "bailed out" the customer needs a bail out as well. Here are my 3 points about this a) if you were spending money with cash you would have RAN OUT! you spent the money! you spent more than you had-- so guess what that's your fault! b) if you kept a check book register while using your debit card you would have known you were going over your current balance. c) here's news.. yes it's "bail out money" that, yes came from tax payers (which I am one of them) BUT this is not free money.. this is a loan from the government that has to be paid back with interest.. so it's not a free for all on money.. no matter how you cut it the bank is taking a loss and you are not entitled to it.

So where this brings me. You have to be responsible for yourself. I have to realize that I got to 289lbs because of what I chose to put in my mouth. I can sit around and argue that someone else was feeding me-- or that I was under pressure or stress which made me eat more-- but bottom line is no one force fed me those high calorie foods-- no one made me sit on the couch for hours on end.. there are all sorts of people with stress but some choose to exercise or talk with someone rather than eat.-- we all have struggles-- weaknesses-- it's how we choose to deal with them.

I see all these overweight people at my work.. I used to feel sorry for them thinking "oh they must have a story" -- I don't feel that way anymore because I was 289 and said "this is stupid I've had it" and I did something about it! I stopped eating like a pig-- I started the cathartic process of talking about my feelings and emotions (including this blog) I started counting calories and watching what I ate and most of all I got off the couch and started working out. There is no excuse-- you may have a bad back or bad knees (me)-- BUT I can choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator.. or lift tiny weights while watching TV-- or volunteer to take things to other departments while at work-- OR EVEN bounce my leg while working.

I don't have sympathy anymore.. it's simple math-- get it together-- make up your mind and do it.. keep a check book ledger and don't spend more "calories" than you have in your bank account. Stop blaming it on someone else-- stop trying to take the easy way out and doing crash diets or taking pills or even doing surgery. No one else is responsible for you or your actions but YOU. You don't have to be fat, you just choose to be-- if you don't like it.. get pissed and do something about it.. I did.