Friday, September 24, 2010

215 -The Test

Alright I'm going off the Belly Fat Cure diet today through the weekend. I found out that you really need to space your meals pretty evenly or you don't lose the weight-- that's why I didn't lose last weekend-- because my meals were crazy all over the board.

This weekend I'm going to start eating the things I missed like yogurt and fruits and as aforementioned partake in an apple dumpling ala mode and/ or an apple fritter-- I'm a little concerned that since this diet keeps my insulin level even-- and thus losing weight-- if I go back to eating normal where I'll get a spike in insulin-- that I might just gain everything back. Better to find out now than when I'm down 30lbs and devastated to lose it all back.

I'll let you know how things transpire. Incidentally I didn't post yesterday but I actually weighed 215 yesterday-- yes I dropped 1 lb overnight where I had been losing .5lbs overnight-- BUT everything in the end evens out because I'm not down any lbs today.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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