Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Junk? 229

As promised-- here are the most fabulous pair of jeans I've ever owned. They are Seven7 jeans which I purchased at Lane Bryant. I was so excited with how these fit (I normally have a bunchy crotch issue with all pants.. I think that's from the way my pelvis is tilted)s-- anyway "Look ma, No Bunchy Crotch" Then jeans are a little pricey @ 79.99 BUT with the Lane Bryant Coupon I was able to save $25 on a purchase of $75 or $50 on a purchase of $150.

If there is one thing I've learned.. if you love something (clothes or shoes) buy more than one because once it's worn out.. it's gone. In my case.. once I lose more weight they are gone.. so I took advantage of my coupon and walked away with a size 18 and a size 16 :o) A fabulous investment even if I do say so myself.

I took this opportunity to do another "line up photo" I haven't done one of those in a long while! The original line up is from 01.10.09 when I was 260.5 ... so this is what 33.5 lbs looks like... Sorry about the quality (or lack there of) of the photos.. it was darker this time when I took them AND I used my iphone instead of my regular camera. If I get some time I'll take sharper ones and share. So without further adieu..Ok the booty shot is slightly embarrassing but I wanted you to see the pockets.

Next post is either going to be about some awesome foods I've found.. OR about a change in my look. Stay tuned.


  1. I have the same bunchy crotch issue, so I will definitely have to look into some of those jeans!
    I had some Seven7's before, but a totally different cut.

    Also, don't be embarrassed, you have a REALLY NICE BUM! :-) I wanna smack it!


  2. Thanks for the comment on my butt-- actually you'd be surprised at how many people smack it-- and to be honest I kinda like it when they do :o)