Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Nutty 228.5

A little nutty, a little fruity-- what more could you ask for? I came across this "breakfast blend" trail mix a couple of weeks ago! It's so incredibly yummy and satisfies my morning snack.. and 240 calories (for a HUGE bag) it continues the nut/ fruit theme for the morning and further boosts the metabolism with a touch of protein.

The store has 4 of 5 different varieties of these breakfast trail mixes-- I've only tried this variety-- but have toyed with the idea of the tropical fruit and berry blend. This pack has dried applies, granola, walnuts, almonds and cranberries, yogurt covered rasins-- very delish (even if I do say so myself) the one thing I wasn't crazy about is the box shows the calories but doesn't do a great job of indicating there are 2 servings per bag-- if you're going to give me a little pouch-- just count it as one serving! (pet peeve)

Anyway this helps me continue my great start to the day-- 6 bags for nearly $4-- not bad.

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