Friday, February 5, 2010

Violet Colored Glasses 228.5

So here is my "new look".. I started noticing my right eye is super blurry recently.. especially at night after work. The reason this is/ was concerning is that my right eye has an astigmatism AND has had the retina detach and reattach itself before. When I went to the eye doctor-- sure enough my eyesight had gone from nearly perfect 20/20 to about 20/40-- which means that although I had glasses BEFORE -- I could wear them when I "wanted to" or "needed to"-- which was a nice fashion statement from time to time. This time around it was suggested I start wearing glasses all the time (and I can really tell now when I go to the gym how bad my eyesight is without my glasses.. granted 20/40 is not super bad vision.. but there is a noticeable difference in sharpness)

So since I'm an artist I went out on a limb with some dark purple glasses with the light purple on the edges of the face of the glasses (it's kind of a lilac purplely marble look)-- it never really occurred to me before.. but I guess purple really is a neutral.. it can be warn with pretty much ANY color-- although I wouldn't really choose red to wear with it--but I could (and look like a huge valentine).

Anyway.. what do you guys think? I LOVE them for glasses.. I think I'd still rather not have to wear glasses period.. and I'm not brave enough to try contacts yet. They are Prada-- I also have a pair of red and black Ray Ban's..not that labels mean much to me-- but I'm noticing I have a thing for frames made in Italy (or is it just all frames are made in Italy.. who knows?)

We had a big snow storm here today-- I thought I'd be able to make it the gym up until the moment I got off the exit by my house and realized the roads were covered in slush that was turning to ice and and there were no plows in sight. I figured better safe the sorry-- but I do need to go back to the gym and I promise I will!

Tomorrow morning (weather permitting) I'm looking at 5, yes count them FIVE houses-- followed by an appointment with my friend to hopefully help ties up the lose ends to my website so I can get it up and going as soon as I find a house (I have to wait for the house because I can't sell without a license AND the license is specific to STATE and COUNTY so... that remains completely up in the air for both instances.)

Happy Friday night everyone (how pathetic I'm in on a Friday night I know) :o)