Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jewelry! 242

Hey guys! As promised here are some photos of (some) of the necklaces I've been creating. I made 10 this weekend alone (these are 5 of the ones I've made this weekend. I've made about 25 so far, sold two-- just to people I'm showing them to at work/ or over the 4th when I saw some of my family). I'm working on creating a website to sell them on..
I took these photos today but wouldn't you know as soon as I got set up outside the clouds came out (this makes for a less than desirable shoot-- but overall I think they turned out well). The initial photos I took inside and they turned out too dark (hence why this has been so long in coming) It's taking me some time to come up with the photos and formatting them/ naming them (I'm trying to come up with cutesy names for each one-- I bet this will get more difficult as time goes on since at this point they are all one of a kind beauties) . I wanted to give you guys a special sneak preview. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Sorry if you get this comment twice.. it seemed to flake out on me in the middle!


    Love the jewelry! So cute! For me, naming the pieces is even more fun than making them!
    Here's my website if you wanna check it out!