Thursday, January 27, 2011

223.2 - The Battle Continues

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas/ New Year. It's time to get serious again about blogging-- as I have been serious about weight loss again for about a month.

For Christmas I asked for a new scale-- this one is supposed to keep track of your body fat % and your water % as well as your weight. I've come to find out that the body fat % and water weight are actually not very accurate. Imagine my shock when just after Christmas I jumped on the scale to see that I weighed 228.8lbs a nearly 14 lb gain over my lowest weight last year.. AND that my body fat is 42% and my water is 40%-- as these past 4 weeks have gone by my body fat and water weight have stayed in the same 5% weight with the body fat and water % inversely proportionate to one another. SO I took a test @ the gym and it turns out my body fat is only 26.6% (sigh of relief)-- which still technically puts me in the obese category-- but much closer to "overweight" than the scale is reflecting.

So with that being said.. I'm in 2 biggest loser contests-- one at work where there is a 1st and 2nd place winner-- 1st place recieves $165 and second place $110-- I'm currently in 2nd place. The bigger contest I'm in is at the YMCA where there is only one winner-- to the tune of $575-- I would LOVE to win both-- but our second weigh in isn't until next week @ the half way mark.

This brings me to a little bit of frustration. I have hired a personal trainer (YAY!! I've never had one before) and have worked out with her 3 times (we're meeting twice a week) and on my own I'm hitting the gym every day-- I do cardio for 35 minutes - 2 hours/ day (and when I meet with my trainer I'm with her for an hour + at least 35 minutes of cardio on my own). It's very frustrating that after almost 4 full weeks I'm only down 5.6 lbs.

I am using a new program on my iphone (which incidentally you can also use online if you don't have a phone with applications) called "My fitness pal" it's soooooo much better than the old program I was using, lose it! where it simply didn't have enough food brands stored. My fitness pal is great because I think I've only come across one item of food that wasn't in there in the 4 weeks I've been using it. It also allows you to record your cardio/ workouts AND gives you a break down of your nutritional facts (along with goals of how much of what you should be eating) . All in all it's a great program.... BUT my beef with it is because I work a desk job.. it told me I should only be eating 1300 calories / day-- BUT I wans't losing any weight that way so I concluded on my own (and with a little research) that I should be eating at least 1560 calories/ day to lose weight (Jillian Michaels says your current weight X 7-10)-- so by this calculation the minimum calories I should be eating right now to lose weight would be 1562.4 and the max 2232. So right now I'm getting in about 1600 calories/ day and burning about 300- 900 calories / day at the gym. I've only been on this higher calorie diet for 3 days and I've lost .4 lbs in that time.

So that's where I'm at right now! How are you guys doing on your weight loss? Have you worked with a trainer before? What kind of results did you see? How are you figuring out your calorie intake?


  1. I did weight watchers. it worked, but It took FOREVER. last year, a month before my best friend's wedding I wanted to lose 11 Pounds, and my mom found this diet that works fast. I lost 10 Pounds in about 20 days, and it wasn't one of them creazy low carb diets or anything. they give you this menu that you need to follow, and it menipulates your hormones, and forces your body to burn fat. here's a realy cool website I found about this diet- some girl tried this diet, and she created a blog and reported every single day untill she reached her goal weight. check it out- this diet is easy to follow and I lost the weight fast and haven't gained it back since :)
    Here's a link to this girl's blog: