Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Wedding Photos 236.5

Here are some photos that were taken @ my cousin's wedding/ reception. This was me trying to line dance.. I find it amusing that even in the photos you can see how uncoordinated I can be :o)

This is a dress I bought @ IGIGI. I just recently came upon online store. I think their stuff is great! i love that they make flirty dresses for plus sized women. The prices are a little high-- but they have sales quite often. I loved the dress I bought-- although I wish I had realized that the tie was sagging and I would have fixed that! IGIGI has another dress with the same fabric/ pattern but a different top (which has straps on it rather than the wrap dress) but I think it's absolutely beautiful and I'm tempted to purchase it. The other thing that's kinda nice (Iguess) about IGIGI is that the sizes are "smaller" than what they actually are. For instance right now I fit pretty easily into a size 18 but the dress I bought from IGIGI was a 12.Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the photos we took BEFORE the reception where hopefully my dress is sitting a little nicer :o)


  1. Oh a really cute dress! Ill have to check out that website! Thanks!

  2. I think you look beautiful!

    - Lisa